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Sunday, August 9, 2020

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An orb weaver spider trapped a cricket in prey-wrap silk.
Spiders, Doomed Flies and Tougher Textiles — Just Add Water
Chasejamison Manar-Spears in Ghana
Seven Generations Into the Future
Bumble bees face different risks of disease transmission depending on which flowers they visit.
This Stings: Some Flowers Can Harm the Bumble Bees They’re Meant to Attract
Sunset over the ocean
Surf and Turf: Green New Deal Should Be a ‘Teal New Deal’
Stuart Stielau
Students Actively Engage in Sustainability Initiatives
Story Image
Marine Microbiologist Receives Major NSF Career Development Award
SDSU viral ecologist Forest Rohwer was chosen for a Moore Foundation award to research how coral reefs adapt to climate change. Photo: Scott Hargrove
SDSU Ecologist Receives Prestigious Moore Foundation Award
Story Image
Climate Data at Your Fingertips
Statemint Wallets
Making a Statemint
Aeroponic Tower located at the Garden (Photo: SDSU Dining)
Leading the Way in Sustainability
Tom Abram and Bruce Appleyard
SDSU Wins SANDAG iCommute Diamond Award
Chemistry researcher Jing Gu is working on making fuel cell technology affordable and green. Video: Ethan Garcia for SDSU. Video Editing: Scott Hargrove
Mimicking Photosynthesis to Make Fuel Cells Affordable and Green