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A hand holding a phone in front of a Twitter screen
The Humanities Go Digital
San Diego State University is offering a cutting-edge course in critical digital literacy.
Polee dunking in a basketball game
NCAA Tournament Seedings Accurate?
Two SDSU professors explored NCAA men's basketball tournament seeding just in time for March Madness.
An example of prisoner-made art from the SDSU Library exhibit - tiger
Criminal Art and Creative Crime
A new SDSU Library exhibit explores the intersecton of two very different human ventures.
Shannon Kitelinger headshot
7 Things About Shannon Kitelinger
SDSU's Shannon Kitelinger, the director of bands, brings music to the campus.
Protestors in Kiev, Ukraine
Exploring the Ukrainian Struggle
SDSU political science professor and Ukrainian native Mikhail Alexseev will discuss Ukraine's current civil unrest.
Members of the American Language Institute
40 Years of Success
The American Language Institute at SDSU celebrates four decades of serving the global community.
Hepner Hall
SDSU Hosts NCAA Tournament
A visitor's guide to the NCAA Tournament at SDSU.
tyler Lonsdale headshot
Stories of Leadership: Tyler Lonsdale
Tyler Lonsdale, '03, serves as volunteer mentor for Sempra’s mentorship award program with SDSU.
Francesca Ventola fights off a LIU Brooklyn lacrosse player
Spring Sports Update
The weekly report updates Aztec fans on scores and upcoming events.
Destin Cretton and Ron Najor
Famed Film Alumni to Visit SDSU
Two SDSU alumni will visit SDSU to speak about their successes in the film industry.
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