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Student examines pteri dish
A Step Up
Early funding can be career-changing for young researchers.
Olivia Chavez
7 Things About Olivia Chavez
Olivia Chavez knows all about having Aztec pride.
SDSU GEN 10 Awardees: Brandon Kim (3rd from left), Tiffany Y. Liang (4th from left), Bryan Hancock (5th from left), Daniel Cuevas (8th from left), and Lauryn Keeler (10th from left). PHOTO: GEN
SDSU Researchers Win Half of GEN 10 Awards
Grad students and postdocs from SDSU took home 5 of the 10 GEN 10 Awards at last week's BIO International Conference.
Denise Z. Price
Stories of Leadership: Denise Z. Price
Price is the executive director of the Retired Employees of San Diego County.
Two women at Google office
Let Them Google That For You
There's an Aztec presence at Silicon Valley's most iconic company.
Randi McKenzie
7 Things About Randi McKenzie
McKenzie has been a member of the SDSU family for 35 years.
Paul Milbury at the beach
7 Things About Paul Milbury
Milbury is a sponsored research technician and bass player for the band HI Roots.
Tony Gwynn
Tony Gwynn Passes Away at 54
Gwynn was a two-sport star at SDSU in the 1970s and '80s and head coach for SDSU Baseball.
Cheryl Yosowitz
Stories of Leadership: Cheryl Yosowitz
Cheryl Yosowitz, '07, is channeling her passion for advertising into her career.
Chelsea Baer
7 Things About Chelsea Baer
Chelsea Baer knows all about having Aztec pride.
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