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Friday, December 13, 2019

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Augustine "Gus" Chavez
In Memoriam: Gus Chavez
Glen Broom at SDSU.
In Memoriam: Glen Broom
Richard "Doc" Morris with students
In Memoriam: Richard "Doc" Morris
Morteza "Monte" Mehrabadi
In Memoriam: Morteza “Monte” Mehrabadi
William L. “Bill” Erickson
In Memoriam: William L. Erickson
Left to right: Frank Medeiros, Albert Johnson and Joyce Gattas (Credit: SDSU University Archives Photograph Collection)
In Memoriam: Albert W. Johnson
Leonard Lavin (seated) was awarded an honorary degree by SDSU in 2012.
In Memoriam: Leonard Lavin
Thomas R. Scott served SDSU as the dean of the College of Sciences and chief executive officer of the SDSU Research Foundation.
In Memoriam: Thomas R. Scott
Story Image
In Memoriam: Merle Hogg
CSU Chancellor Emeritus Charlie Reed
Statement on Passing of CSU Chancellor Emeritus Charlie Reed
SDSU President Emeritus Brage Golding
In Memoriam: President Emeritus Brage Golding
Celia Levine Marshak
In Memoriam: Celia Levine Marshak