Sunday, May 29, 2016

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In the micro-environment surrounding coral reefs, an interesting survival dynamic plays out between microbes and viruses.
Piggybacking Viruses
Two specimens of C. behemoth.
Hunting Behemoths
Chemistry professor Christal Sohl studies how changes to enzymes can lead to cancer.
Cutting Edge of Discovery
A group of rhesus macaques gathers along the Silver River in Florida
Florida's Monkey River
SDSU Student Services
Aging Well at Home
Cigarette smoke leaves behind "thirdhand smoke," a harmful, lingering residue.
Extinguishing Thirdhand Smoke
SDSU psychologist Inna Fishman investigates the early neural signatures of autism during childhood brain development.
Searching for Early Signs of Autism
Manal Swairjo is trying to figure out the inner workings of transfer RNA.
Crystallizing the Mysteries of the Cell
Crushing cereal led SDSU researchers to discover a new property of materials science.
Cereal Science
Water faucet leaking into ocean
Plugging the Leaks
Tijuana River
Hope Floats
The largest, fastest-growing species of kelp on earth grows off San Diego
The Forest Beneath the Waves