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John Baldessari
Pure Beauty
John Baldessari's art upends convention with words and imagery
Kyoto Prize logo
From Eco-Friendly Lighting to Blu-ray
The Kyoto Prize Symposium honors one man's breakthrough discovery on April 22.
SDSU Observatory
Stargazing at SDSU
A first-class observatory for faculty, students and the community
Guizhou snub-nosed monkey
Research: From the Lab to Lands Afar
Student learning outside the classroom
researcher pipetting sample
$4.95 M Grant Will Train Vets, Others for Biotech Careers
The stimulus grant will help bridge education to employment in San Diego’s life sciences industry.
Viz Lab Helps On the Ground in Haiti
SDSU is the primary resource for processing imaging data for the U.S. Navy.
San Diego Bay courtesy of San Diego Unified Port District
SDSU and Port of San Diego Partner to Study San Diego Bay
Researchers will help provide a better understanding of San Diego Bay.
SDSU Graduates
Graduation Rates at Highest Level in SDSU History
The six-year graduation rate is at 66.4 percent, above the national average of 64 percent for large public universities.
Researcher working in the BioScience Lab
The Domino Effect: Surprising Links Between Infection and Heart Disease
At SDSU's BioScience Center, researchers are studying why some people develop heart disease and others don't.
mortar board atop stack of books
SDSU Receives Record 61,632 Undergraduate Applications
Applicants include 44,544 first-time freshmen, including 6,004 from within SDSU’s service area.
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