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The Living Coast Discovery Center and Sweetwater Marsh
Taking Infestation with a Grain of Salt
New research shows that salinity plays a major role in salt marsh grass's response to insect grazing.
Students in the Green Energy Challenge
Green Energy Challenge
SDSU’s chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association places second in the Green Energy Challenge.
Wildlife on Highway 67
Tracking Wildlife on the Not-So-Lonely Road
Megan Jennings braves raucous traffic and rattlesnakes to learn where and how animals cross busy Highway 67 in eastern San Diego County.
Yan Wei Lim, an SDSU graduate student and author on the paper.
Sequencing at Sea
Scientists at SDSU overcame equipment failure, space constraints and shark-infested waters to sequence DNA in the middle of the Pacific.
Sarah Lynch outdoors
More Than a Mentorship
Sarah Lynch joined the Aztec Mentor Program and helped a student in ways neither she nor her mentee expected.
On the left is a coral-covered reef. On the right is one dominated by algae.
Rethinking the Reef
In a new study, an SDSU biologist dove deep into how algal and coral cover affect the microscopic life that call the reef home.
South Campus Plaza
Construction to Begin on South Campus Plaza
The new mixed-use project will feature community-serving retail as well as student housing.
A coral reef
Cellular Self-Destruction
A new study finds that humans and corals share a key biomechanical pathway that tells cells when to die.
Trent Biggs working
7 Things About Trent Biggs
Trent Biggs, a geography professor, is interested in how humans impact the planet.
Jungle book actors on stage
Dressing the Jungle
SDSU's "Jungle Book" is brought to life with quirky and playful costume designs.
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