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Thursday, November 15, 2018

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X-ray light pulses out in rings from a neutron star in the Circinus X-1 star system. (Credit: NASA
Hunting the Original Star Stuff
New Planet Is Largest Discovered That Orbits Two Suns
Mt. laguna observatory
Strive Hits Full Stride
The newly discovered planet (right) orbits a pair of suns.
Tenth Transiting “Tatooine”
Faculty Monty awards
Faculty Monty Winners
Derek Abbey in Palau
Top Videos of 2014
The Mars rock "Aztec"
Aztecs in Space (Literally)
New Eye in the Sky
Robert Quimby
Astronomer Wins "Surprise" Breakthrough Award
e probe landed on a comet
Probing a Comet 300 Million Miles Away
Robert Quimby
From Rock Star to Real Stars
GMCS building
New Faculty - College of Sciences