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Fruit Flies Give Insight into Human Health
Sanford Bernstein leads a research team to unlock new treatments for human muscle and cardiac diseases.
Jerrell Ray Tisnado
Interning at Harvard
SDSU senior Jerrell Ray Tisnado was accepted to the 2013 Harvard Stem Cell Institute Internship Program.
Forest Rohwer (left) and Steven Quistad try on dry suits in preparation for their trip to the Arctic.
Update from the Arctic
SDSU Researchers Forest Rohwer and Steven Quistad are on a National Geographic Pristine Seas Expedition in the Arctic.
SDSU students in China
SDSU Contributes to Sustainability in China
SDSU students participated in a study abroad program in China focused on sustainability.
The researchers believe their discovery could influence the prevention and treatment of infections.
New Immune System Discovered
A research team, led by Jeremy Barr, a biology post-doctoral fellow, unveils a new immune system that protects humans and animals from infection.
top 10
Top 10 Degrees for 2013
The 10 most popular degrees SDSU’s Class of 2013 will graduate with.
Williams and researchers found science faculty with education specialties at institutions with Ph.D. programs are more likely to get science education grants.
Study Reveals Trends in Science Education
Kathy Williams, SDSU biology professor, and a team of researchers find university science departments are taking a more active role in improving science education.
The President
Reading and Writing DNA
The President's Lecture Series Featured Life Technologies Chairman and CEO, Greg Lucier.
Jeremy Long, SDSU professor
The Beat of Marine Education
SDSU Biology Professor, Jeremy Long, uses music to teach local high students about marine life and ecology.
Richard Louv, bestselling author, will be the keynote speaker for the conference.
Student-led Sustainability Conference
SDSU hosts bestselling author, Richard Louv, during a conference on sustainability concepts, progress and projects on April 13.
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