Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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A picture of an adult fruit fly brain taken under a confocal microscope.
Could Flies Help Us Understand Brain Injuries?
Cryptantha, also called the popcorn flowers
Meet the Plant Detective
Theodore Germanos
Ask an Aztec: Theodore Germanos
SDSU Quest for the Best
2016 Quest for the Best Winners
Bob Mangan tends to the SDSU Greenhouse.
Where am I Wednesday: A Secret Campus Oasis
In the micro-environment surrounding coral reefs, an interesting survival dynamic plays out between microbes and viruses.
Piggybacking Viruses
CIRM interns, Alejandra Mendoza and Nicole Wetton, are using a fluorescence microscope to image stem cells immunostained with the neuronal marker TUJ1.
Investing in Stem Cell Futures
C. behemoth
Hunting Behemoths
Gut bacteria
A Gut Check for PCOS-related Obesity
Chemistry professor Christal Sohl studies how changes to enzymes can lead to cancer.
Cutting Edge of Discovery
A group of rhesus macaques gathers along the Silver River in Florida
Florida's Monkey River
Story Image
SDSU In the News