Thursday, June 21, 2018

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California sea lions (Credit: Mark Lowry)
Fishermen, Conservationists Collaborate on New Fishing Tool
Left to right: Elena Arroyo, Madison Kennedy and Rifqi Affan received NSF fellowships after participating in SDSU’s Maximizing Access to Research Careers program.
STEM Diversity Programs Put Undergrads on Path for Research Success
The new USDA grant will also expand research into sustainable farming practices.
How Should Your Garden Grow?
San Diego River
Stewards of the San Diego River
Hannes Schraft is a Ph.D. student in the SDSU biology department.
SDSU Students Named Inamori Fellows
A species of Australian funnel-web spider. (Credit: Marshal Hedin)
World’s Most Venomous Spiders Are Actually Cousins
A new course at SDSU this semester teaches students viral discovery techniques.
New Course in Virus Hunting
MRI machine
An MRI Machine of Our Own
Bacterial virus, known as bacteriophage (Credit:
Top Research Stories of 2017
Infrared photograph of a rattlesnake. (Photo: Hannes Schraft)
Do Rattlers Like their Lizards Warm or Cool?
Bacterial virus, known as bacteriophage (Credit:
Phages Don’t Need Bacteria to Enter the Body
Eighteen SDSU students were awarded scholarships courtesy of the ARCS San Diego chapter.
Scholarships for High-Achieving STEM Students
What's Happening at State