Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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Senior Tori Parker stands next to an elephant in Thailand. (Photo: Tori Parker)
An Aztec Living Among Elephants
Biofouling along a boat
Fighting Barnacle Buildup with Biology
Malang City Hall in Indonesia.
Kavli Fellow Travels to Indonesia
Bacillus bacteriophage PZA
Going Viral
SDSU masters of public health graduate Christina Olson collects nutritional data in a market.
$10 Million Endowment for Health Disparities Work
A picture of an adult fruit fly brain taken under a confocal microscope.
Could Flies Help Us Understand Brain Injuries?
Cryptantha, also called the popcorn flowers
Meet the Plant Detective
Theodore Germanos
Ask an Aztec: Theodore Germanos
SDSU Quest for the Best
2016 Quest for the Best Winners
Bob Mangan tends to the SDSU Greenhouse.
Where am I Wednesday: A Secret Campus Oasis
In the micro-environment surrounding coral reefs, an interesting survival dynamic plays out between microbes and viruses.
Piggybacking Viruses
CIRM interns, Alejandra Mendoza and Nicole Wetton, are using a fluorescence microscope to image stem cells immunostained with the neuronal marker TUJ1.
Investing in Stem Cell Futures