Friday, May 27, 2016

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Talent Sprouts
Chemistry professor Christal Sohl studies how changes to enzymes can lead to cancer.
Cutting Edge of Discovery
Chemist Toyoki Kunitaki
Kyoto Symposium Honors a Pioneer
Doing research
Above and Beyond
Cigarette smoke leaves behind "thirdhand smoke," a harmful, lingering residue.
Extinguishing Thirdhand Smoke
Manal Swairjo is trying to figure out the inner workings of transfer RNA.
Crystallizing the Mysteries of the Cell
The left molecule shows an unstable atropisomer, its axis of chirality shown by the red arrow. On the right is a stable "arrangements."
A Better Class of Cancer Drugs
Zuma winners
Zuma Award Winners
SDSU’s Engineering and Interdisciplinary Sciences Complex.
Collaborative Collisions
The EIS Complex will feature modern  labs in classic architecture.
Research Mission
Anna Cholewczynski
In Her Element
Eunha Hoh and students in a lab
Toxins in our Midst