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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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Virginia Loh-Hagan
New PBS Series Brings Asian American Perspective to K-12 Learning
Holographic capture of the Virtual Standardized Patient simulation at Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture Studios.
Nursing Simulator Research Draws Top Prize
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SDSU’s Response to State Auditor’s May 14 Report Regarding Mandatory Fees
The Research HUB offers six areas of collected data, including vulnerability maps and San Diego ZIP code maps.
Tracking COVID-19 with Big Data, GIS and Social Media
Digital submissions are being accepted currently for the SDSU Library COVID-19 Memory Project in the form of journals, art, poetry, and film among other things.
Remembering COVID-19 for Future Generations
Joseph Stramondo
In the National Conversation about Bioethics and COVID-19
Examples of the innovative projects being developed by art professor Kerianne Quick
Thinking Outside the Box, Inside the House
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Student Teachers Get Creative to Complete Credential Programs
Roland Wolkowicz
In Memoriam: Roland Wolkowicz
Noyce Master Teaching Fellows from the 2012-19 cohort
$3 Million Grant Aims to Bolster Math, Science Teaching in San Diego County Schools
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Marine Microbiologist Receives Major NSF Career Development Award
SDSU freshman criminal justice major and Guardian Scholar Ikemba Dyke
Staying Connected