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young man sits on desk with laptop while group of students talks in the background
Technology Tempers Relationship Skills
Alumna Sara Henry discusses how social media and technology are affecting students' ability to build relationships.
LED lights are used prominently in this holiday lighting display in London, England. Photo by David Iliff.
15 Tips for Sustainable Holidays
SDSU experts discuss ways to reduce energy consumption, waste and pollution during the holiday season.
serious man looking out window of train
5 Tips for Beating Holiday Blues and Stress
Psychology professor Jean Twenge offers advice on how to deal with family drama and loneliness.
Smallest Star Fire
Astronomers Find Fluctuations in Exploding Stars
New observations reveal pauses, flickers and flares not reliably seen before.
D.J. Gay
Star of the Game: DJ Gay
Gay led the Aztecs to their first victory at Cal Berkley since 1941.
Lyndsey Schneider with teammates Steve Fagundes and Amador Santana.
Fluent in International Business
SDSU students test their mettle in foreign language business competition.
Marcus Ziemke (second from right) with other members of his battalion.
Student Vets Rally Support for Troops in Afghanistan
The Student Veteran Organization will fundraise for the 3rd Battalion 5th Marines out of Camp Pendleton.
Employee putting Poinsettia Bowl shirt on mannequin
Poinsettia Bowl Gear Now Available
The SDSU Bookstore and the Aztec Store have the latest Aztec bowl merchandise in stock.
Youth sports
Study: Sports Not Enough Daily Activity for Kids
SDSU researchers found that kids participating in youth sports don’t meet minimum exercise recommendations.
apple and cupcake
Big Kids, Big Problems
SDSU researchers are out to reverse an epidemic of childhood obesity.
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