Thursday, December 8, 2016

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A rendering of the early marsupial relative, Didelphodon vorax. (Illustration: Misaki Ouchida)
Going Tooth-to-Tooth with Dinosaurs
A flowering mustard plant in the Boechera genus. (Credit: Elizabeth Waters)
What Mustard Can Tell Us about Climate Change
Story Image
Fall 2016 Grade Submission Deadline
Seasonal flu vaccine injections are available at Student Health Services at Calpulli Center.
Influenza Vaccinations Available
MRI scans revealed that connections between white matter in the brains of young people with autism were more symmetrical across hemispheres. (Credit: Ralph-Axel Müller)
Division of Labor in the Brain
Trish Hatch (second from the right) accepts the the inaugural Counselor Educator of the Year Award from the California Association of School Counselors. (Credit: CASC)
SDSU Professor Awarded Counselor Educator of the Year
Mortar Board members with SDSU faculty and staff. (Credit: Jane K. Smith Cap & Gown chapter)
Mortar Board Honors Faculty and Staff
Taekjin Shin, a management professor in SDSU’s Fowler College of Business, studied the relationship between shareholder-friendly language and CEO pay increases.
Magic Words That Result in CEO Pay Raises
Language barriers can make it difficult for patients to communicate with doctors. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons/National Cancer Institute)
Speaking the Language of Health
This year
SDSU Well-Represented at Largest Neuroscience Meeting
The cover of “Shellfish for the Celestial Empire: The Rise and Fall of Commercial Abalone Fishing in California" (Credit: Todd Braje)
Fishing for Answers about Chinese Abalone
A Day of Philanthropy