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Stormtroopers Invade SDSU

A surprise classroom visit on Halloween from the San Diego Star Wars Society taught SDSU students about the impact fans have on the entertainment they enjoy.
"Nothing is more powerful than a science fiction fan," said media studies professor Noah Arceneaux. Photo courtesy of Daily Aztec
The Star Wars characters that visited the class. Photo courtesy of Daily Aztec

As Death Star theme music played in the background, Stormtroopers, R2D2, Yoda and an X-wing pilot burst into a San Diego State University journalism and media studies class.

They surprised students on Halloween with a lecture on the importance of relationships between audiences and the artists who create the entertainment they enjoy.

The San Diego Star Wars Society, led by its president Linda Crispien, demonstrated how “Star Wars” is a classic example of how fervent fans' interpretation of original material influences how new media (i.e., a film sequel) is created.

The class, taught by SDSU journalism and media studies professor Noah Arceneaux, is designed to teach undergraduate students about audiences of various media, including books, television and films. Students learn to use models, theories and special tools to measure and define media audiences. 

"I thought this would be a fun way to illustrate the power of fans," Arceneaux said. "Nothing is more powerful than a science fiction fan."

About the San Diego Star Wars Society

The San Diego Star Wars Society is a nonprofit organization for individuals who enjoy the Star Wars films and other aspects of the Star Wars franchise.

The club was created to give Star Wars fans in the San Diego area a chance to socialize and engage in activities relating to the varied aspects of the Star Wars Universe. The society strives to keep Star Wars alive in the eyes of the San Diego community, and endeavor to give back to the community through charitable events.

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