Monday, December 5, 2016

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Finding Peace to Study

As finals approach, students discuss ideal study locations on campus.
By Stephanie Heliker

With finals week underway, the campus’ atmosphere has changed as students sit down with text books and study guides instead of the normal hustle and bustle of class migration.

Stress levels usually rise during this time, but with the right amount of preparation, students can easily avoid the tension finals week brings. But where can a student find peace on campus in order devote some thorough studying time?


An informal video survey on campus elicited some interesting responses for SDSU student’s favorite places to study on campus.

Finding solace in the library

Some indicated that the library was quiet and convenient for their studies, while others thought the quiet was, in a way, more distracting.

"I usually go to the fourth floor library," said one student. "It's not too busy, not a lot of people go there. It's quiet; you have access to internet and electricity for a computer."

Enjoying the great outdoors

Many suggested studying outdoors was beneficial, as they could enjoy their surroundings for study breaks. The turtle pond, near Scripps Cottage, is a common favorite.

"I would say the turtle pond because it's very mellow," said a young man. "You're outside so you can see what's going on."

Additionally, students were able to enjoy a stress reliever by joining the Midnight Study Break that took place Thursday, May 14, at Montezuma Hall in Aztec Center. Associated Students offered breakfast for the first 500 students, accompanied with music, prizes and games, as well as studying tips.

The Finals Study Lounge is also available for students at Casa Real in Aztec Center, and is open from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m., May 11 – 21.

Of course, students can come to study, or simply relax after a final.