Tuesday, December 6, 2016

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Understanding Admissions

ViewPoints: SDSU experts discuss enrollment changes caused by the ever-shrinking budget.

As a direct result of devastating state budget cuts of $571 million, the California State University is reducing enrollment system-wide this year and next by 40,000 undergraduate students.  Over the same period, San Diego State will be reducing its enrollment by 4,618 undergraduates.  

The following SDSU experts particpated in a panel discussion about these drastic budget cuts, the ensuing changes to the university's admissions policy and concerns raised by members of the community:

  • Sandra Cook, assistant vice president, Academic Affairs
  • Reggie Blaylock, director, Educational Opportunity Program/Ethnic Affairs
  • Scott Burns, associate vice president, Financial Operations

Topics covered

This ViewPoints episode covered the following topics:

  • admissions policy changes (00:00 - 05:40)
  • implications for local students (05:41 - 09:15)
  • state and university budget (09:16 - 10:45)
  • implications for future students (10:46 - 20:38)
  • implications for transfer students (20:39 - 24:59)
  • long-term outlook (25:00 - 28:01)

More information

For more information, visit www.sdsu.edu/enrollmentinfo.

Or e-mail enrollmentinfo@mail.sdsu.edu.

You can also read a transcript of the discussion here (PDF)