Wednesday, December 7, 2016

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"Into Africa" proved to be the eighth most-read story on NewsCenter this year. "Into Africa" proved to be the eighth most-read story on NewsCenter this year.

Top 10 Stories of 2010

Which stories proved the most popular with readers this year?

Hundreds of stories are published on SDSU NewsCenter each year, but which ones proved the most popular with readers in 2010? Find out below.

  1. SDSU to Accept Applications for Spring Semester: in this story from summer 2010, the university announced spring admissions for transfer students due to expectations of a restored budget.

  2. Small, But Mighty, Incoming Class: while fall 2010’s incoming class was one of SDSU’s smallest in recent years, it was also one of its most well prepared.

  3. SDSU Expects to Enroll Best-Prepared Class Ever: in spring 2010, the university announced that the incoming class included a high percentage of local and diverse students.

  4. Potential Realized: in its first year, SDSU’s scholarship campaign, dubbed “Fuel Potential,” raised more than $5 million.

  5. Grads Poised to Make a Difference: the class of 2010 featured many standout students, including the first graduating class from the university’s Compact for Success program, comprised of students from the Sweetwater Union High School District.

  6. Bizarre Map Challenge: from the national health care debate to missed connections in Vermont, this contest sponsored by the SDSU Department of Geography in April gave visual meaning to various concepts.

  7. Remnants of Glory: in this story from January, SDSU professor Robert Mechikoff discusses his discovery of an ancient athletic stadium in western Turkey.

  8. Into Africa: this summer story highlights a study abroad and service-learning trip to Tanzania as described by SDSU students, faculty and staff.

  9. 7 Tips for Job-Seeking Students: this timely story from May provides a list of tips for students looking for post-graduation jobs.

  10. Explore SDSU Unites Aztecs for Life: this story from March describes all the fun to be had at the eighth annual open house for community members, alumni, and students and their families.