Sunday, December 4, 2016

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The new grant will help create a thriving green energy technology industry in the Imperial Valley region. The new grant will help create a thriving green energy technology industry in the Imperial Valley region.

Imperial Valley Campus Receives $1.6M Job Creation Grant

The award will create the Renewable Energy Training and Demonstration Center.
By Gina Jacobs

San Diego State University’s Imperial Valley campus is one of 20 winners of the $37 million Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge announced today by President Barack Obama's administration. 

SDSU-Imperial Valley received $1.6 million to establish the Renewable Energy Generation Training and Demonstration Center that will help create a thriving green energy technology industry in the Imperial Valley region, an area that has a persistently high unemployment rate near 30 percent.

SDSU-IV one of 20 grant recipients nationwide

“It is critically important that SDSU play a lead role in the development of renewable energy for the region,” said David Pearson, dean of SDSU’s Imperial Valley campus.

“This grant is a valuable building block that will support the long-term development of a green technology industry and have a positive impact on the entire Imperial Valley region.”

The grant is funded by three separate funding agencies: the Economic Development Administration, the Employment Training Agency and the Small Business Administration.

The funding will help SDSU-Imperial Valley’s Renewable Energy Generation Training and Demonstration Center by:

  • Creating renewable energy demonstration sites for companies to test their ideas and innovations. 
  • Installing a generalized power plant simulator that will provide technical skills training for power plant managers in geothermal, solar and traditional power plant installations.
  • Expanding the pipeline of demonstration technologies with specific focus on disadvantaged small businesses in San Diego, such as those owned by women, minorities and disabled veterans.
  • Establishing SDSU as a world leader in green energy research, development, training and education.

Green job creation in the Imperial Valley

Congressman Bob Filner, who represents the Imperial Valley and San Diego, lent his support to SDSU’s proposal for the highly competitive federal grant.

“This grant will go a long way to creating the good-paying jobs we need, training the workforce and helping us move into a new green energy economy,” Congressman Filner said. “It is truly an investment in our students, our economy and our environment.”

The Imperial Valley is the only region in the country that has an existing transmission line linking an area of energy generation to a major metropolitan area of high-demand, in this case, San Diego.

Campaign Flag

The Renewable Energy Generation Training and Demonstration Center is just one example of how the university engages the San Diego region, a key initiative of the Campaign for SDSU. Whether it’s supporting programs that contribute directly to San Diego's growth or building academic programs to prepare for the region’s future, SDSU is an important community partner. Learn more about SDSU’s community engagement and how you can contribute.

The Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge was a multi-agency competition launched in May to support the advancement of 20 high-growth, regional industry clusters. SDSU-Imperial Valley is the only California award winner.

About SDSU-Imperial Valley campus

The Imperial Valley campus is a branch campus of San Diego State University serving the desert area of southeastern California. Established in 1959 by an act of the state legislature, the campus has two locations in the Imperial Valley: Calexico and Brawley.

Offering the last two years of undergraduate education, graduate programs and fifth-year credential programs for teacher preparation, the campus accepts students who have at least 60 transferable units from community colleges or other accredited institutions.