Saturday, December 10, 2016

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Your Opinion Counts

A team of SDSU students invites readers to complete an online questionnaire to win a $100 gift card.
By Samantha Afetian

What are you reading? What do you find interesting? Is SDSU NewsCenter giving you the most important San Diego State University-related news? These questions and more are the focus of an online survey being conducted by a group of Journalism and Media Studies students.

You are invited to participate

The class, taught by David Dozier, is conducting and online survey that aims to gather readers’ opinions regarding news articles on SDSU NewsCenter. The students are inviting all SDSU NewsCenter readers to particiate in the survey, which takes no more than 10 minutes. 

Help NewsCenter improve,  and win

One survey participant, drawn at random, will win $100 gift card.

Information gathered by the survey will help to improve the quality of the news delivered in SDSU NewsCenter.

Take the survey

Click here to take the survey.

All participants will receive a summary of research findings at the end of the study. Responding to this questionnaire is completely voluntary and all responses will be kept confidential and private.