Saturday, December 10, 2016

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Top 10 Degrees for 2012

Here are the most popular bachelor's degrees for the class of 2012.
By Gina Jacobs

San Diego State undergraduates receive their degrees in 85 different areas, and here are the most popular:

No. 10: Public Administration
A total of 140 students who earn degrees in this area are prepared to become leaders in all areas of government and public service organizations.

Top 10

No. 9: Nursing
The 154 students to receive their bachelor’s degrees in nursing (BSN) will go on to serve patients in San Diego and across the country.

No. 8: Accounting
They’re not just future numbers crunchers! This year’s accounting grads include father daughter-pair Michael and Melissa Keane. Michael got his bachelor’s degree at SDSU in 1981 and is completing his master’s degree this weekend, while his daughter Melissa is one of 171 undergraduates getting their bachelor’s degree in this top field of study.

No. 7: Economics
In this current political climate, the 183 economics majors will have the know-how our state and country needs to thrive after the economic downturn whether it’s in business, government or academics.

No. 6: Political Science
They are future lawyers, judges and politicians whose studies included the understanding of how governments work.  These 187 graduates will be ahead of the curve when it comes to making sense of the issues in the 2012 presidential election.  

No. 5: Finance
From financial planners to real estate professionals, 198 graduates will receive their degrees in finance on Saturday morning at 8 a.m. They’ll need to get used to getting up early if they are going to be keeping track of the stock market!

No. 4: Management
Yes, this group of graduates may one day be employing you! These 210 management graduates are San Diego’s future entrepreneurs and business leaders. Leadership really does start here!

No. 3: Liberal Studies
Most of the 225 liberal studies graduates are pursuing the most important profession of them all: teachers! SDSU started as a teachers college in 1897 and continues to produce scores of educators for San Diego and beyond.  In addition to these graduates, approximately 565 graduates will earn their teaching credentials.

No. 2:  Criminal Justice
More than 300 graduates will earn their degrees in criminal justice – one of SDSU’s hallmark programs. These students take classes in everything from law in society to juvenile justice and go on to work in local, state, and federal criminal justice agencies. Criminal justice grad Samantha Stauber is one of these grads. Tougher-than-nails, this grad fought brain cancer as a student and has been accepted into the Los Angeles Police Academy.

And, drumroll please. The No. 1 most popular degree for the class of 2012 is…

While nearly every student takes at least an entry-level psychology class, these more than 500 SDSU graduates made studying human behavior and mental processes their major. SDSU’s clinical psychology program is ranked among the best in the country and its students are deeply involved in research, even as an undergrad like Abdifatah Ahmed Ali. Ali was heavily involved in organizational psychology research and is going on to Michigan State University with a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.