Wednesday, December 7, 2016

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Darwin Still Rules!

A new book by Stanley Maloy, dean of the College of Sciences, asks scientists why evolutionary research matters.

Published 150 years ago, Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species” is a bible of evolutionary biology.

Although today’s microbial scientists are discovering things Darwin never dreamed of, they continue to be influenced by his trailblazing work.

"Microbes and Evolution: The World that Darwin Never Saw"

The dean of SDSU's College of Sciences, Stanley Maloy, Ph.D., together with a colleague from Harvard University, has published a book of personal reflections about scientific research from 40 prominent microbiologists.

 What motivates scientists?

Called “Microbes and Evolution: The World that Darwin Never Saw," the book was written for an educated audience curious about what motivates scientists to spend their lives researching a small part of the vast universe.

Few of the essays focus on evolution directly, but Darwin’s presence is keenly felt throughout, according to a reviewer from “Small Things Considered,” the American Society for Microbiology’s microbe blog.

A rare glimpse for the public

Maloy described the book as “a series of stories about why and how these scientists have spent their lives studying an aspect of microbial evolution, and why it matters to the world.  The results are fun, surprising, and interesting, giving the public a rare glimpse into science and scientists.”

“Microbes and Evolution: The World that Darwin Never Saw,” edited by Roberto Kolter and Stanley Maloy, was published by ASM Press. In its third printing, it is also available for the Kindle.