Saturday, December 3, 2016

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KPBS and Investigative Newsource Honored

KPBS and its partner, Investigative Newsource were honored for outstanding achievement by the San Diego Press Club.
By Tara Hanada

KPBS was recently honored for outstanding achievement in television, radio and web content at the San Diego Press Club Excellence in Journalism Awards.  The awards ceremony was held on October 23rd at the San Diego Hall of Champions. 

KPBS and its partner, Investigative Newsource, formerly the Watchdog Institute, received a total of 15 awards, including nine first place awards, five second place awards and “Best Integrated Media Entry.”

Eight of the awards went to KPBS video journalist Katie Euphrat.

Best Integrated Media Entry

  • Carol Goodhue Shull, Robert Shull, Lorie Hearn
    “State Integrity: Holding California Accountable,”

Integrated Media: Feature

  • 1st Place: Katie Euphrat, Megan Burks, “YMCA Offers Women-Only Swim Hours For Muslim Women,” KPBS-TV

Integrated Media: Political/Government

  • 1st Place: Carol Goodhue Shull, Robert Shull, Lorie Hearn, “State Integrity: Holding California Accountable,” Watchdog Institute
  • 2nd Place: Brad Racino, Joanne Faryon, Lorie Hearn, “Missing the Boat on the Port,”
  • 3rd Place: Brooke Williams, Lorie Hearn, “Filner's Legislative Machine,” Watchdog Institute

Integrated Media: Public Service/Consumer Advocacy

  • 1st Place: Kelly Thornton, Lorie Hearn, “San Diegans are blowing a gasket...” Watchdog Institute

Integrated Media: Series

  • 1st Place: Kelly Thornton, Kevin Crowe, Lorie Hearn, “Public Utilities Flush with Cash but behind on Projects / Cost of Main Breaks / Water Loss add up for City; Emergency water valves warrant Investigation,” Watchdog Institute

Photography - Video: Feature

  • 2nd Place: Katie Euphrat, Angela Carone, “The Fight To Save Salvation Mountain,” KPBS-TV

Photography - Video: Portrait

  • 2nd Place: Katie Euphrat, “At 106, Life Is Beautiful For This San Diego Woman,” KPBS-TV

Photography - Video: Pre Produced

  • 1st Place: Katie Euphrat, “Cooking Class Bridges Cultural Gap for East African Mothers and Daughters,” KPBS-TV

Radio: Feature

  • 1st Place: Katie Euphrat, “Maritime Museum Rebuilds 500-Year-Old Spanish Ship,” KPBS-FM

Television: Interview/Talk Show

  • 1st Place: Joanne Faryon, Brad Racino, Lorie Hearn, “Filner: Missing the Boat on the Port,” KPBS-TV

Television: News Feature - Series

  • 1st Place: Jill Replogle, Jose Jimenez, Katie Euphrat, “Fronteras Desk: Stories from Baja California,” KPBS-TV

Television: News Feature Pre Produced

  • 2nd Place: Katie Euphrat, “Maritime Museum Rebuilds 500-Year-Old Spanish Ship,” KPBS-TV

Television: News Feature Same Day

  • 2nd Place: Katie Euphrat, “San Diegan Cyclist Starts 3,000-Mile Race Across America,” KPBS-TV

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