Tuesday, December 6, 2016

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Design Students Inspire Voting Action

SDSU design students created posters encouraging the community to vote.
By Christianne Penunuri

SDSU design students are doing their part to encourage voter turnout.

Thirty-five Typography II students designed “Get Out the Vote” posters on display around campus.

About the campaign

"Get Out The Vote" is a national public service campaign sponsored by the American Institute of Graphic Arts with the objective to demonstrate the value of design by providing a nonpartisan call to action for an activity that is important to all citizens.

“Our assignment blended the American Institute of Graphic Arts initiative with the academic goals of Art 342A Typography II,” said Professor Susan Merritt who teaches one section of the class. Lecturer Beth Weeks teaches the other.

Rock the vote

In addition to learning about typography and visual communication, the assignment was designed to teach students about the registration and voting processes.

They also became more aware of the value of voting and why people choose to vote or not to vote. Preparation for this assignment included an in-class presentation by Professor Michael Eichler from the School of Social Work.

“Having projects with a defined purpose helps me feel more passionate about the assignment,” said Michael Dea, one of the design students. “It gives my work more meaning when there is a theme tied to it, especially when I am enthusiastic about the topic.”

Another student, Brittany Varela, said that the project pushed her to further her knowledge of political science.

She also said it helped her realize the importance of being knowledgeable about the subject she is designing for.
an integral part in his successes as a scholar.

"Get Out the Vote"
Posters designed by students