Saturday, December 3, 2016

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SDSU Shines in Asian Film Festival

A recent SDSU graduate and current graduate student will participate in the San Diego Asian Film Festival.
By Ashley Castro

In all of the Western United States, the San Diego Asian Film Festival is the biggest showcase of Asian cinema, and shows over 140 films from all over the world.

San Diego State University is the official educational sponsor of the San Diego Asian Film Festival, and this year one student and one alumni will show pieces in the festival.

About the Festival

The San Diego Asian Film Festival, put on by the Pacific Arts Movement, will begin Nov. 1 and continue through Nov. 9

On Nov. 2, the San Diego Asian Film Festival will hold a panel discussion with some of Asian American entertainment’s rising stars at San Diego State University. This will begin at 12 p.m., Nov. 2, at the Cross Cultural Center in Cholula Hall. This event is free and open to the public.

More information on the San Diego Asian Film Festival.

About the Fims

This year, a current graduate student of San Diego State University and an alumnus have entered shorts into the festival.

About Joseph Mangat

Joseph Mangat, a graduate student at SDSU, will be entering a short called “Every Death has a Story”.

This is morbid twist to the classic Walt Disney “How To” videos featuring Goofy doing simple every day tasks. Mangat takes this story line and creates a murder scene that a mother must clean up while also caring for her child.

A particular film which Joseph Mangat claims to be his inspiration for his career in film making is What Time Is It There by Tsaiming Liang. Mangat contributes his passion and drive to stem from the viewing of this film when he was younger.

Mangat was recently chosen by the SDSU Film and Theater Departments to create the annual Jury Project Film.

This is a project where SDSU students are critiqued by established professionals in the industry. Mangat is adapting the play Exorcism by Eugen O’ Neill for this project.

He is excited to be showing his short in this years festival and stated, “I feel the festival shows films that would likely never be played in San Diego so I just want to invite people to come check out the great films they've selected this year and also to come check out my film”.

More information on Joseph Mangat and the Jury Film.

About Anthony Pang

Anthony Pang began his graduate career at SDSU in 2007 and finished last year in 2011. Pang is entering a short called “ Flight of the Fantasy” about a little boy's obsession with toy planes, and the plane’s journey from the boy’s perspective.

This film was originally an assignment for one of his graduate classes and is adapted from a haiku.

Pang is currently located in Los Angeles and is working on a new project called "Walk With Them," which is a documentary about an inner-city Ministry in Ohio.

Pang is passionate about the San Diego Asian Film Festival, and said “ It’s hard enough to make a truly independent film like ours and get it out there to audiences in a competitive market, and so I’m very appreciative of SDAFF’s continued support for independent filmmakers like myself and others from around the world and from diverse backgrounds”.

More information on the San Diego Asian Film Festival Schedule of Events.

San Diego Asian Film Festival
Shots from some of the films