Tuesday, December 6, 2016

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A Woman Who Means Business

Roberta Gottlieb, director of SDSU's Donald P. Shiley Bio-Science Center, is hailed as a dynamic business leader.

The San Diego Business Journal recently acknowledged Roberta Gottlieb, director of the Donald P. Shiley Bio-Science Center at SDSU, with a “Women Who Mean Business Award.”

The annual award recognizes dynamic women business leaders who have contributed significantly to San Diego's businesses.

Recognized as a leader in understanding how to protect the heart from injury after a heart attack, Gottlieb’s academic research has identified a novel mechanism the heart uses to protect itself from injury arising during a heart attack or other stressors.

Her work also revealed how certain anti-cancer drugs cause heart failure by impacting stem cells in the heart and establishes a way to screen new cancer drugs and she has identified a way to treat or prevent the development of heart failure in these at-risk patients.

About Gottlieb

Gottlieb is also an entrepreneur, having co-founded two biotech start-ups. She established the Aztec Bio-innovation Institute to facilitate commercialization of early stage technology.

Through this program, she worked with entrepreneur scientists at MicroStem Inc. to help them establish proof of concept for their technology. MicroStem is now an independent business with two products on the market.