Thursday, December 8, 2016

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Books read during the Children's Book Review Marathon will be donated to children's organizations throughout the county. Books read during the Children's Book Review Marathon will be donated to children's organizations throughout the county.

Childrens Books Reviewed, Donated

Volunteers at SDSU’s Children’s Book Review Marathon reviewed and donated books to children's organizations across the county.

Volunteers gathered for San Diego State University’s Children's Book Review Marathon on March 16. Twenty-six books were chosen from the bulging shelves in the Center for the Study of Children's Literature's and reviewed during the event.

SDSU's Children's Literature Program receives hundreds of books annually from publishers and posts reviews online as a service for parents, teachers and librarians.

The books are then donated to Love Library or to a number of organizations including the Sweetwater and Chula Vista School Districts, the SDSU Children's Center, or increasingly to homeless shelters and refugee organizations in San Diego.

During the Book Review Marathon, books of many genres were reviewed including David McKee’s "Elmer and the Birthday Quake"; the re-published "The Velveteen Rabbit,"  by Margery Williams; Linda Granfield’s "Out of Slavery: The Journey to Amazing Grace"; Emily Jenkins’ "Lemonade in Winter: a Book about Two Kids Counting Money"; and Maha Addasi’s "The White Nights of Ramadan."

“Judging by the letters of thanks we receive from teachers and librarians around the county, these donations are appreciated not only by teachers but especially by their students who enthusiastically help shelf the new books and savor reading them in class or at home,” said Alida Allison, SDSU professor of English and Comparative Literature, who led the review marathon.

The event brings former and current children's and young adult literature master's students together to share experiences and books and to network with other children’s book lovers.

“The Book Review Marathons have become my favorite event,” said Allison. “Many thanks to all who came and are sending reviews, to the sponsors for the repast, and to the publishers who continue to send brand new book for review. I'm already looking forward to next year's marathon. “

Volunteers took dozens of books home and will continue to add reviews to the website.

More information

For more information on the Children’s Book Review Marathon, contact  Alida Allison.