Friday, December 9, 2016

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Gregg Anderson at his work desk in the Zahn Center. Gregg Anderson at his work desk in the Zahn Center.

Getting to Work

An SDSU student entrepreneur has started a company to connect college students to careers.
By Katelin Labat

As the graduation balloons deflate and the celebration comes to a close, most new college graduates will quickly turn to the next phase of their lives - finding a career. Years of hard work behind them and student loans looming, many graduates find this a daunting task.

Gregg Anderson, SDSU entrepreneurship student, thinks the challenges faced by new graduates is not due to lack of qualifications, but simply a flaw in the job search.

"Job posting sites like Monster, and even LinkedIn, students are competing against applicants with 15 plus years experience. It’s intimidating," Anderson said.

The Solution

Anderson created Jobioz Inc., a company that provides an online platform specifically designed for college students and recent college graduates to display their resumes and work experience to land an entry-level job with ease. The platform is designed to appeal to both job-seekers and recruiters.

"With a traditional resume, you have one piece of paper to show the last four to five years of your life, it’s unrealistic," Anderson said.

The website enables job applicants to create an online portfolio with multi-media enhancements. Students can upload videos, photos and completed projects to bring life to their resume and work experience. Recruiters can also create a portfolio showcasing the company culture with multi-media components to attract the best-fitting applicants.

“Jobioz allows the employer to gain knowledge of the candidate at a deeper level with the use of enhanced profiles and videos. This is an ideal platform for all size companies; however, there is tremendous benefit for smaller companies that may not have as many recruitment resources,” said Novatel Wireless senior human resource generalist Kim Hennessy, “it also gives students a chance to learn about companies that may not be on their radar.”

Hennessy chose to use Jobioz in order to reach a larger audience to fill open positions at the company.

The Hub of Innovation

Tucked away on the east side of campus, the Zahn Center for Technological Innovation is currentlly the home to Jobioz Inc. and other student-created businesses. The Zahn Center is a business and creative incubator that supports SDSU students and faculty to build their ideas into actual companies.

Jobioz Inc. competed against 10 other teams and was one of five selected to join the Zahn Center this year.

"This is the hub of innovation. The Zahn Center breaks down barriers between the different colleges," said Anderson.

The Zahn Center grants the opportunity for students of different majors to come together and connect the various skills from each college to form a successful company.

Students Helping Students

In addition to being an all-student company, Anderson incorporated other SDSU students in the process of launching Jobioz Inc. Graphic design and marketing classes used Jobioz Inc. as the class client to complete assignments.

“This gives students real experiences in actually having their classwork go into something real and see the progress, which is way more valuable than completing an assignment for a fictitious company where you never see the implementation,” said Anderson.

 Aztec Pride

"With other job sites, you submit your resume and it goes into a black hole—there’s no communication you don’t even know if the company received your resume. Jobioz is designed to be different. I want to make SDSU proud and show what successful ventures we have here," said Anderson.

Jobioz Inc. is scheduled to open to the public by the end of May or early June. The company already has more than 500 student users and more than 50 businesses registered in its beta testing phase.