Friday, December 9, 2016

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“Building on Excellence” establishes direction and priorities for next several years. “Building on Excellence” establishes direction and priorities for next several years.

SDSU Strategic Plan Finalized

“Building on Excellence” establishes direction and priorities for next several years.

San Diego State University has unveiled a strategic plan, “Building on Excellence,” which establishes the clear direction and priorities of the university for the next several years. The plan is the culmination of a months-long, broad-based process involving students, faculty, staff, alumni and the San Diego community.

The strategic planning process was led by five task forces and subsidiary working groups that gathered feedback and information via meetings, open forums and online comments beginning in July 2012. The steering committee reviewed, studied, synthesized and prioritized the task force reports and recommendations into a set of goals and initiatives in each of the five areas of focus: Student Success and Academic Excellence, Research and Creative Endeavors, Community Engagement (inclusive of Campus Climate, K-12 partnerships, Alumni Engagement, and Economic Development), Diversity and Internationalization.

The final strategic plan presents three broad institutional goals that aim to build upon what those involved in the strategic planning process believe to be SDSU’s areas of strength and pride: student success, research and creative endeavors and community and communication. Within those areas are specific initiatives to be undertaken over the next three to four years.

“The initiatives presented in the strategic plan chart an exciting course forward for the university. I am grateful to the members of the steering committee, the task forces, the working groups, and all members of the community who provided input, said SDSU President Elliot Hirshman.”

The strategic plan presents a committed vision for the future of SDSU that builds upon its 116-year record of progressive growth in excellence. Through this broadly consultative process, this plan recognizes anew the profound commitment to excellence and entrepreneurial spirit that are the hallmarks of SDSU.

Areas of Focus

The goal of the Student Success area is to “continue to focus on student success by emphasizing high-impact practices that produce transformational educational experiences and by fostering an institutional culture that recognizes and rewards student achievement.”

In the area of Research and Creative Endeavors, SDSU looks to “continue to enhance its research and creative endeavors profile, with particular emphasis on building areas of excellence and addressing national and international challenges.”

And the goal of the Community and Communication area is for the university to “become a center of community life and engagement for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the public through events, activities, and communication designed to bring diverse participants together."

"As a university, much of our success depends on the strength of our local partnerships. As the university looks toward the future, it's important that we continue to enhance the dialogue with our community as part of the strategic plan. From partnering with local schools to community service, San Diego State is proud to be a leader in the region," said Rob O'Keefe, president of SDSU Associated Students.

"I was personally gratified by the engagement of faculty and staff who were part of the process of developing working group and task force recommendations,” Said Bill Eadie, chair of the University Senate and a steering committee member. “I know that the University Senate plans to create ways of continuing the faculty and staff discussions as we move into the implementation phase of the plan."

The full final strategic plan, as well as all of the task force reports, can be found on the strategic planning website, at