Wednesday, December 7, 2016

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SDSU’s College of Business Administration was named among the top M.B.A. schools by Hispanic Network Magazine. SDSU’s College of Business Administration was named among the top M.B.A. schools by Hispanic Network Magazine.

SDSU Among “Best of the Best”

Hispanic Network Magazine recognized SDSU as one of the top universities in the nation.
By Suzanne Finch

San Diego State University was ranked among the Top Colleges and Universities by Hispanic Network Magazine and SDSU’s College of Business Administration ranked among the Top M.B.A. Schools in the magazine’s 2013 Best of the Best Lists.

“San Diego State University takes great pride in the academic achievements of our students, who are extraordinarily diverse ethnically and socioeconomically,” said SDSU Provost Nancy Marlin. 

“Our cultural diversity is one of the significant strengths of SDSU, and advantages all our students by preparing them to succeed academically and professionally at the university and in their future careers.”

A history of success

SDSU has a long history of diversity and was recently ranked as the 18th most ethnically diverse university in the nation in the 2013 annual survey of U.S. colleges and universities from U.S. News & World Report. Students who have identified themselves as Hispanic make up 27.5 percent of the total student population.

“Our successful outreach programs have provided San Diego State University and the College of Business Administration with outstanding diverse and first-generation students that have emerged as some of our region’s most successful business leaders,” said Michael Cunningham, dean of SDSU’s College of Business Administration.

“We are honored that Hispanic Network Magazine has recognized our continuing efforts to recruit best-in-class students that encompass all ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.”

Now in its 21st year, Hispanic Network Magazine’s stated objective is “to create an environment of teamwork in which Latin Americans and other minorities have access to all applicable business and career opportunities.”

Their Best of the Best lists are compiled through an annual survey of approximately 900 human resource directors, chief diversity officers, talent and acquisition managers to evaluate outreach and diversity policies in U.S. universities, M.B.A. programs, health care companies and corporations.