Wednesday, December 7, 2016

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The second annual Golden Treasures Banquet featured a lion dance by students of the Three Treasures Cultural Arts Society. The second annual Golden Treasures Banquet featured a lion dance by students of the Three Treasures Cultural Arts Society.

Confucius Institute Celebrates Asian Heritage

The SDSU Confucius Institute participated in many Asian heritage events in honor of Asian Heritage Month.
By Hallie Jacobs

The month of May has been celebrated as national Asian Heritage Month since 1992.

The Confucius Institute at San Diego State University celebrated Asian heritage by hosting and participating in events held all around San Diego.

SDSU's Confucius Institute

The Confucius Institute at SDSU was established in collaboration with the Office of Chinese Language International Council (Hanban), which is committed to making Chinese language and cultural teaching resources and services available to the public It is also dedicated to the promotion of cultural diversity and harmony.

Through academic partnership with Xiamen University, the institute at SDSU aims to strengthen educational and cultural cooperation between China and the United States.  

Asian heritage events

"We are very happy to share the Asian Heritage with our community," said Lilly Cheng, managing director for the Confucius Institute. "Diversity is what we celebrate."

On May 10, a delegation from the Hainan University located in China visited SDSU. The delegation, led by Vice President Xinwen Hu, was welcomed by Ethan Singer, vice president of Academic Affairs and Lilly Cheng, managing director of SDSU's Confucius Institute. Both sides discussed opportunities for exchange programs for faculty and students, as well as joint degree programs that could be offered between the two schools in the future.

On May 11, representatives from SDSU's Confucius Institute attended the 4th annual Asian Cultural Festival. San Diego County Supervisor, Ron Roberts and San Diego City Mayor, Bob, Filner, were present to express support for local Asian communities. The Confucius Institute provided a booth filled with Chinese cultural artifacts to promote Chinese culture. They also produced a cultural show featuring the “Silk Road of China” to share a specific aspect of the Chinese culture with the audience.

On May 17, members of the Confucius Institute attended the second annual Golden Treasures banquet hosted by the Three Treasures Cultural Arts Society.  The fundraising event supported children’s education through many of Three Treasure’s cultural and outreach programs.


Confucius Institute Celebrates Asian Heritage Month