Wednesday, December 7, 2016

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SDSU students partnered with students at Xiamen University. SDSU students partnered with students at Xiamen University.

SDSU Contributes to Sustainability in China

SDSU students participated in a study abroad program in China focused on sustainability.

Eleven San Diego State University students participated in a two-week SDSU study abroad program at Xiamen, China. The Summer School on Climate Change is focused on global climate change and vulnerability of natural resources and was led by Sam Shen (mathematics) and Chun-Ta Lai (biology).

About the program

The SDSU students were matched with 14 Xiamen University students. Program participants attended classroom lectures, group discussions, field trips to heritage park, mangrove and coastal ecosystem sites and numerous cultural and social events.

Each SDSU student formed a team with one or two Xiamen University students and worked together on a variety of projects, ranging from red tides to the ecology of the Chinese White Dolphin, a critically endangered species of humpback dolphins that were commonly seen in Xiamen Bay.

Each team produced a written report and made a group presentation on the research topic at the end of the program.

SDSU Areas of Excellence

Climate and Sustainability Studies is one of the four SDSU Areas of Excellence. Shen and Lai are among the core members of the Sustainability Area of Excellence.

The Chinese host university

Xiamen University is one of the top ranked universities in China and is the Chinese partner university of the SDSU Confucius Institute, which is a platform facilitating SDSU’s students and faculty exchange with China. In 2012, SDSU's Confucius Institute was ranked top in the 30 among the more than 500 Confucius Institutes around the world.

The two SDSU programs, Summer School on Climate Change and the SDSU Confucius Institute, have received recognition at both SDSU and Xiamen University and are regarded as its exemplary international programs.