Saturday, December 10, 2016

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Room 63 will allow students to record lectures and study sessions. Room 63 will allow students to record lectures and study sessions.

High-Tech Resources

The library's Media Center will debut new-and-improved study rooms this fall.
By Roberta Niederjohn

The San Diego State University Library’s Media Center is known for the extensive collections of CDs and DVDs, but that’s only scratching the surface of what the facility has to offer.

The Media Center will offer high-tech resources for SDSU students, faculty and staff starting this fall.

Four newly updated media rooms are now available for media-related group study. The largest group study — room 63 — contains a dual-screen Mediascape and ceiling-mounted camera, monitor, and projector.

High-tech learning

Room 63 has a dual function: one side is set up for working on presentations with computers, while the other side is for recording. The recording area also contains a white board, projector screen, and a wireless microphone pack. Once additional lighting is installed, the recording area will be capable of green-screen recording.

"Room 63 can be used by two different groups, or a group and an individual, simultaneously as long as they coordinate their activities, especially if recording is in progress," said Michael Lapins, Media Center supervisor.

Instruction on how to operate the equipment will be provided by Media Center staff, and handouts also will be available. Lapins said that a video tutorial is also in the works.

The other upgraded Media Center rooms — B, D, and F — have been outfitted as large-screen group study rooms. Students can check out a wireless keyboard and mouse for use with the 46” monitors, or connect their own computers for easy display on the large monitors.

The monitors and Mediascapes can also interface with users’ cell phones, so information stored on the phones can be viewed on the large screen. These rooms can only accommodate one group of three or more people at a time.

Additional changes

Upgraded group study rooms aren't the only change coming to the Media Center.

As students view media more and more on their iPads, cell phones and computers, they have less need for media such as DVDs and CDs. Lapins plans to make the Media Center a place where students can go for technical assistance with their presentations and media-related projects.

More about the Media Center

The Media Center currently loans Nooks and video cameras, as well as cables and adaptors for audio/visual equipment. The center’s extensive CD and DVD collections will soon be moved from behind the service desk into the public area where students, staff and faculty can browse the collection themselves.

For more information on reserving the group study rooms and requirements for equipment, visit the Media Center website