Saturday, December 10, 2016

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SDSU senior Clarissa Slagle hopes to work with election campaigns after graduation. SDSU senior Clarissa Slagle hopes to work with election campaigns after graduation.

7 Things About Clarissa Slagle

Clarissa Slagle, a senior majoring in interdisciplinary studies, knows all about being an involved Aztec.

Clarissa Slagle is a student assistant for San Diego State University's Marketing and Communications Department. The senior majoring in interdisciplinary studies is involved with a multitude of campus organizations including the Delta Gamma sorority and has held internships at public relations firms and as a CBS campus representative.

1. Why did you choose SDSU?

I have lived in San Diego my whole life. I couldn’t leave the beautiful weather and my family. SDSU is an amazing university, so it made sense to just stay local.

2. What inspired you to declare your major?

I have actually changed my major a couple different times. I eventually chose interdisciplinary studies because I like the freedom it allows by hand selecting your own classes based upon a specific career path.

3. What is the best piece of advice you ever received?

Don’t let people tell you who you are going to be or what you are going to do. Set your own path and prove people wrong.

4. What are your future goals?

My long-term goal is to work on election campaigns as the communications expert, but my short-term goal is landing a job after I graduate in May.

5. What is the first website you look at every day?

I usually pull up Twitter. I use Twitter as a resource for news and follow a wide variety of news sources. I like to know what is going on in the world that given day.

6. What experience at SDSU has changed your life the most?

As cheesy as it may sound, joining my sorority has changed my life the most. The organization has allowed me to meet so many new people, has given me great opportunities, and constantly pushes me to be a better person.

7.  What is the most interesting or surprising thing about you?

The most interesting thing about me is that I come from a big family and I have 12 siblings.

Bonus Questions

1. What was the last movie you saw? Thumbs up or down?

The last movie I saw was "Despicable Me 2." Two thumbs up, it was a great movie.

2. What city would you like to visit or visit again?

New York! I had an amazing opportunity this summer to go there for the first time and I loved it.

3. What kind of music do you listen to/what are your favorite bands?

I like to listen to a variety of music. Some days I’m all about electronic music and other days listen to reggae or country.

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