Thursday, December 8, 2016

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Anthony Keen began his role as the Pride Center coordinator on Oct. 1. Anthony Keen began his role as the Pride Center coordinator on Oct. 1.

New Coordinator for SDSU Pride Center

Anthony Keen will serve as the coordinator for SDSU’s Pride Center, set to open in January 2014.
By Hallie Jacobs

San Diego State University’s strong commitment to diversity has paved the way for a new haven to be added to the campus repertoire — the Pride Center.

The center is one of the goals identified in SDSU’s strategic plan under the initiative to “promote students success across the university.”

Anthony Keen, a former residence hall coordinator for University Towers, was chosen as the coordinator for the center, set to open in January 2014.

“SDSU has a diverse community, and the center shows that the university cares about the LGBTQ community’s needs,” Keen said. "I admire that the university works hard to ensure that the campus is a place for students to grow."

About the Pride Center

The center will be open to the entire campus.

It will offer programming to all students, faculty, staff, allies and members of the community and will work with other existing LGBTQ-related campus organizations.

“SDSU has a strong legacy of work for the LGBTQ community and the center will serve as a hub for all the hard work the campus does,” Keen said. “There has also been a strong desire to have a space for the LGBTQ community on this campus and it's great to see it all coming together.”

The Pride Center will be on the corner of Lindo Paseo Avenue and Campanile Drive where the Student Organization Annex is located.

Some student help

Starting next semester, the center plans to welcome students and graduate and student assistants to work in the center.

“We will have room for some students to join our staff,” Keen said. “I’m looking forward to working directly with students and seeing what we can do to cater to the campus’ needs.”

There will also be opportunities for students to get involved as peer leaders.

Next steps

Keen officially began his role as the Pride Center coordinator on Oct. 1, and his first orders of business included developing programming for the center, marketing strategies and working with multiple caucuses on campus to ensure the center meets the SDSU community’s needs.

“I’m looking forward to a hub for all the excitement and rich history and level of activity around the LGBTQ campus and studies,” Keen said. “There is so much going on at SDSU and I’m excited to make the connections between the center and all the great things happening on campus.”