Wednesday, December 7, 2016

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7 Things About Jeanette Meliska-Romero

Jeanette Meliska-Romero is dedicated to serving SDSU students.

Jeanette Meliska-Romero is the WorkAbility IV Internship specialist for Student Disability Services and Career Services.

Jeanette Meliska-Romero

WorkAbility IV helps San Diego State University students and alumni with disabilities achieve their career goals.

1. What inspired you to do this kind of work?

A few years ago I graduated college and came to two conclusions about myself: I really love helping others, and I firmly believe in the importance of higher education. These realizations inspired me to pursue a master's degree in counseling and begin a career working with college students. I am passionate about serving all types of students, but I am especially passionate about helping underserved populations, which includes students with disabilities.  

2. How long have you worked at SDSU?

Compared to most Aztec faculty and staff I have met, not very long! I started in August 2011 after moving from Los Angeles, and I really feel at home here.  

3. What is the best piece of advice you ever received?

That’s a tough one. In regards to working in higher education, I’m a big fan of two sayings: “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it” and “Don’t reinvent the wheel." I find myself implementing these ideas on almost a daily basis.
4. What is your favorite thing about your job?

Working with the students, of course! I really enjoy the unique challenge each student brings and finding a solutions to their (often) complicated problems. It’s especially rewarding when these students turn into success stories and knowing you were a part of that success.

5. What about your field or position do you think would surprise people the most?

That people don’t know we exist! WorkAbility IV is a great program that provides career development for SDSU students and recent graduates with disabilities. Through a partnership with Student Disability Services, Career Services, and the California Department of Rehabilitation, we provide enhanced career services for students with disabilities, and it is absolutely free!

6. What is the most interesting or surprising thing about you?

When I’m not helping students achieve their career goals, I love to travel abroad. Some of my favorite past trips have been to Australia, China, Poland, France, and Italy.

7. If you could only rescue one thing from your burning office, what would it be?

Definitely my purse, and if possible, my plants. I call them my “office pets."

Bonus questions

1. What is your favorite kind of music/what are your favorite bands?

I like a lot of types of music. I’m a huge fan of music from the 60’s and 70’s, 80’s pop, trance, classical, bluegrass and folk.

2. What is your favorite sports team or who is your favorite individual athlete?

I am a die-hard Bears fans, because I’m originally from Illinois. I also support the Chargers. It’s requirement to live in San Diego, right?