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Monday, January 21, 2019

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From the President - Summer 2014

Intellectual and professional development are complementary and mutually reinforcing aspects of the college experience.

Many discussions about the purpose of college in today’s media are based on a false dichotomy between intellectual and professional development.

At San Diego State University, we view intellectual and professional development as complementary and mutually reinforcing aspects of the college experience. Above all else, college is a time for growth, and this growth should be intellectual, personal and professional.

Our students, the future leaders of our society, should engage in multiple pursuits and stretch themselves to accomplish great things.

The Aztec experience integrates academic rigor and powerful life-changing opportunities—research, leadership and entrepreneurship training, and real-world experiences such as study abroad, internships and mentoring relationships. Co-curricular opportunities in athletics, the arts and cultural activities add to an environment that develops the whole student. This edition of 360 features a few of the many, many student success stories found at SDSU.

Our faculty and staff, with the support of our alumni and members of the broader community, play essential roles in making San Diego State a place where students from all backgrounds achieve excellence. They develop and deepen our students’ academic and research abilities, support their physical and mental well-being and serve as role models and mentors for academic, professional and personal success.

In this edition, you will meet four new university leaders—Provost Chukuka Enwemeka, College of Business Administration Dean Dennis Cradit, College of Education Dean Joseph Johnson Jr. and College of Engineering Dean Morteza Monte Mehrabadi—who will collaborate with members of our community to build on these traditions of excellence.
My goal as president of San Diego State University is for each student to have a transformational experience that prepares them to meet the complex challenges of our society and makes them and our community proud of their accomplishments.

I hope you enjoy learning more about these experiences and our students in this edition of 360: The Magazine of San Diego State University.