Thursday, July 19, 2018

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Blaire Ward. Photo courtesy of The Daily Aztec. Blaire Ward. Photo courtesy of The Daily Aztec.

Your New A.S. Leaders

Blaire Ward was selected as president of Associated Students.
By Hallie Jacobs

For the first time since 2005, Associated Students will be led by a woman.
Associated Students recently held elections to select a new group of student leaders, and Blaire Ward, a junior studying communications, will lead San Diego State University's students.
The highest decision making organization within the student government at San Diego State University is the A.S. Board of Directors and its three A.S. Councils, which will be under new leadership starting in May.  
The backbone of the student government are the A.S. boards, committees, and commissions which offer opportunities for current students to become active members and leaders within the SDSU community.

Executive Officers

  • President: Blaire Ward
  • Executive Vice President: Leo Carillo
  • VP External Relations: Tyler Aguilar
  • VP Financial Affairs: Dominic Bilotti
  • VP University Affairs: Andrea Byrd

Council Members

  • Campus Community Representative: Suraj Patel
  • Community Service Representative: Meghan Andrade
  • ASUB Representative: Vanessa Girard
  • Recreation and Wellness Representative: Michael Liu
  • Sustainabiity Commission Representative: Vivian Lee
  • Student Diversity Representative: Itzelt Santos
  • Student Support Commission Representative: Jack Doheny
  • Student at Large Representatives: Megan Dickson and Kelsey Moss
  • College of Arts and Letters Representatives: Dylan Colliflower, Harrison Baum and Pablo Tinoco
  • College of Business Administration Representatives: Erik Tamiyasu, Jaynie Lee, Keaton Lash and Paul Sullivan
  • College of Education Representative: Brooke A. Snyder
  • College of Engineering Representative: Megan Mahdi and Ana Morino
  • College of Health and Human Services Representatives: Ian Fielden, Lewis Collazo and Ty Yates
  • College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts Representatives: Muriel Robotta, Marisa Cubing and Sinthia Garcia
  • College of Sciences Representatives: Jonny Seaman, Alexis Dumitrescu, Gervin Prado and Justin Fatoohi
  • Undeclared Representative: Nate Lloyd
  • Graduate Student Associated President: Melanie Wilson

Get involved

Interested students can still apply for positions on the A.S. Board of Directors and Judicial Affairs Council. Applications can be picked-up at the A.S. Office, third floor of the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student union and are due in the same location on Monday, April 6.

Students who become involved with Associated Students strengthen their leadership skills, including collaboration, strategic planning and critical thinking. They gain a comprehensive understanding of the university and work directly with university administration in order to continually better the student experience.

About Associated Students

Associated Students is an independent student-directed corporation that is one of the largest student governance organizations in the CSU system. As an affiliate of SDSU, the programs and facilities A.S. manages are enjoyed by students, faculty, staff and the SDSU community.