Sunday, May 27, 2018

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Learn a Language Over Summer

Students can earn two years of language credits this summer.
By SDSU News Team

Students can build their language skills and cultural competencies quickly and effectively by taking summer intensive courses through the San Diego State University Language Acquisition Resource Center (LARC), which has added Chinese and Portuguese this year.

LARC will continue to provide courses in Arabic, Persian, and Russian in the program, which starts June 1.

This immersive program allows students to earn 3-20 units of foreign language credit. Each intensive language and culture studies class meets for four to six hours of interactive instruction daily.

SDSU is the only local university offering all five of these courses this summer. Expert instructors will guide students in achieving practical language skills and cultural awareness through conversations, games, writing, multimedia, and other activities based on today's latest language learning theories and practice.

These courses open new possibilities for:

  • Business, legal, and health care professionals who want to expand their marketability
  • Educated professionals interested in a challenging academic pursuit
  • Heritage speakers who want to improve their formal language skills
  • Spouse, family, or friends of people who speak these languages

The intensive format allows students to participate in the equivalent of up to two years of language study in one summer.

“When I came into this program, I couldn’t read a bit of Russian. Three weeks in, four weeks in, I could read it, albeit slowly, and form sentences, and I think that’s amazing,” said former student Joshua Shepard.

“I had the pleasure of taking Ghassan Zakaria's Arabic 101/102 class. I find Ghassan to be an outstanding instructor. His class exceeded my greatest expectations,” added former student Keren Chansky Suberri.

Arabic and Persian courses are four units each; Chinese and Russian courses are five units apiece. Session 1 courses in Portuguese are five units each, and Session 2 courses are each three units. Session 1 courses are June 1-July 7; Session 2 courses run July 13-August 17.

For more information, visit the LARC website.