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Friday, December 14, 2018

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Joey Lucero received the 2016 Shuford C. Swift Most Outstanding First-Year Award for his contributions to SDSU as a first-year student. (Credit: Joey Lucero) Joey Lucero received the 2016 Shuford C. Swift Most Outstanding First-Year Award for his contributions to SDSU as a first-year student. (Credit: Joey Lucero)

Joey Lucero’s Aztec Experience

This Aztec is the commissioner of the Student Support Commission for Associated Students.
By SDSU News Team

Name: Joey Lucero
Major (and minor): Communication
Campus affiliations: Student Support Commission for Associated Students (A.S.), Rotaract of SDSU, A.S. Facilities Committee, A.S. Aztec Achievement Awards Committee

1. Why did you choose SDSU?

San Diego State University was and still is my dream school. I was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. I love my hometown, but I wanted to see new things and challenge myself. I did my research on different universities across the nation, and SDSU offered the best opportunities for me as an out-of-state student. The School of Communication has established a record of being one of the best in the nation; Associated Students of SDSU is unlike any student government I found; and the university’s location in “America’s Finest City” were all the selling points I needed.

2. What inspired you to declare your major?

I decided to major in communication during my senior year in high school. I served as the student body president, and with that position, I interacted with so many different people. Whether it was with students, parents, administrators or teachers, I truly learned the importance of having good communication skills. I became fascinated with how many parts there are to communication. Those who possess the skills of a good communicator will excel in many ways.

3. What is the best piece of advice you ever received?

The best piece of advice I’ve ever received came from someone who helped shape me into the person I am today: my high school student council advisor, Sarah James. She read the student council executive board seniors “Oh, The Places You'll Go!” by Dr. Seuss. She read a line from the book with a tear in her eye, as it was her last piece of advice before she said goodbye to us. It read, “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And you are the one who'll decide where to go...”

4. Which SDSU faculty or staff member has been the most influential throughout your SDSU journey?

One of the most incredible people I’ve met at SDSU is Jennifer Esquviel-Parker, the Associated Students government affairs and programming assistant director. Jen is someone who goes above and beyond what is asked of her. She is the definition of selflessness. Jen works very hard to ensure the student leaders she works with learn, excel, and love their time in A.S. I can honestly say I am a better person today because I have had the privilege of knowing Jen.

5. What does student success mean to you?

As the student support commissioner, student success is very important to me. It is something my team and I look to improve each week. To me, student success means students are excelling in their college career inside and outside of the classroom. We want students to achieve the grades they desire and join organizations that are meaningful to them. I do my best to ensure students have all the necessary support and resources to be successful.

6. What experience at SDSU has changed your life the most?

The SDSU experience that has changed my life the most was joining A.S. This family is made up of students and staff who dedicate themselves to enhancing the college experience for students. I’ve learned so many valuable skills and lessons in my time as an A.S. leader. I’ve grown up a lot since the phone call, notifying me I’d been selected to serve on the First-Year Leadership Experience team. Since then, I have met amazing people, served in different leadership roles, and have been faced with challenges. Thank you to everyone who has believed in me and for helping me believe in myself.

7. What has been your proudest achievement while at SDSU?

My proudest achievement thus far was receiving the Shuford C. Swift Most Outstanding First-year Award. It was such an honor to even be nominated by my peers for this award. I did my best to help make A.S. and SDSU a better place for all students. However, the greatest recognition I can receive is someone confirming I have had a positive impact in their life. This award is just the cherry on top.

8. What’s your favorite thing about being an Aztec?

My favorite thing about being an Aztec is the people I am surrounded by each and every day. We have such an amazing student body and faculty. With so many different people, coming from different backgrounds, you really grow as a person from those around you. You learn about their stories and perspective and you learn more about yourself. These are people who have such cool things to share, work hard to achieve success, and are going to do amazing things in the world. At the end of the day, they are a part of the Aztec Family just like me. I’m proud to say I’m a student at SDSU.