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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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Neha Nene's proudest achievement at SDSU was being selected as an officer for the Weber Honors College. Neha Nene's proudest achievement at SDSU was being selected as an officer for the Weber Honors College.

Neha Nene’s Aztec Experience

Neha Nene is a computer science major who is enrolled in the Weber Honors College.
By SDSU News Team

Name: Neha Nene
Major (and minor): Computer science with minors in mathematics and interdisciplinary studies
Campus affiliations: Instructional Technology Services student assistant, Weber Honors College, Greenfest Committee

1. Why did you choose to attend San Diego State University?

I chose to attend SDSU because I felt right at home as soon as I stepped on campus. I was impressed with the opportunities, facilities and resources available to students and the great support system that was offered. In addition, all of the students I met that were attending SDSU or had attended SDSU loved their experience, which made me more confident that it was a great school. Going into my third year at SDSU, I feel confident that I made the right decision.

2. What inspired you to declare your major?

I chose computer science as my major because I have always enjoyed math and logical thinking. I was introduced to computer science in high school, and since then, I knew I wanted to pursue computer science as my major in college. I am also very interested in the broad applications of my major, from artificial intelligence to virtual reality. I am excited to continue learning computer science and gaining more experience in my field.

3. What is the best piece of advice you ever received?

The best piece of advice I have ever received has been to chase my dreams, not my competition. I love that advice because being driven by what you want to accomplish will ultimately allow you to achieve more. I also think it shows in someone's work when they are genuinely interested and passionate about a subject.

4. Which SDSU faculty or staff member has been the most influential throughout your SDSU journey?

There have been many professors and staff that have been influential throughout my journey, but I am especially inspired by all the staff I work with at Instructional Technology Services. My supervisors are always looking for ways to help us as students academically and career-wise. They are constantly looking for ways to add to our resume, by helping us learn new technologies and giving us employment tips. They inspire me to work hard and to always keep learning.

5. What does student success mean to you?

Personally, student success means constantly challenging yourself and growing as a person. I think if you are being challenged, you are learning the most and gaining experience that will last forever. I also think student success encompasses taking initiative to apply your knowledge and work on side projects that further your personal goals. Applying what you learn in class to the real world not only teaches you how to use your technical skills, but also allows you to tailor your skills to what you want to achieve.

6. What experience at SDSU has changed your life the most?

So far, I would say that being in the Weber Honors College has changed my life the most. It introduced me to a great group of students my freshman year in the dorms, and it continues to introduce me to new opportunities. This summer, I will be interning in Madrid, Spain for an app company and I know it will be a life-changing experience. Thanks to the Weber Honors College, I was prompted to apply for this international experience.

7. What has been your proudest achievement while at SDSU?

My proudest achievement while at SDSU has been being selected as an officer for the Weber Honors College my sophomore year. I am proud that I took initiative to get more involved, and I have the opportunity to give back to a great program on campus. Serving as treasurer my sophomore year, I learned a lot about time management and event organization, and I met a great group of people through my position.

8. Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I see myself working at a company in the technology industry, working on something I believe will benefit the industry. I see myself traveling around the world and exploring new ideas and meeting new people. I hope to be busy and always looking forward to working on a new project or experiencing a new activity.

9. What’s your favorite thing about being an Aztec?

My favorite thing about being an Aztec is the great support system we have. I value my advisors from the Weber Honors College and my professors who dedicate their time for office hours and extra help for their students. I enjoy being surrounded by a strong student body and a supportive faculty, which help me grow as a person every day.