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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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Students during SDSU's New Student Orientation (Photo: Alan Decker) Students during SDSU's New Student Orientation (Photo: Alan Decker)

New Student Orientation Underway

SDSU’s New Student Orientation lays a foundation for student success.
By Erik Good

“We have the common goal of empowering our students to make informed choices, achieve at the highest levels, and be engaged on campus.”

San Diego State University welcomes nearly 15,000 incoming freshmen, transfer students and their families for New Student and Parent Orientation this summer.

A cross-campus collaboration coordinated by the Division of Student Affairs, New Student Orientation prepares new students for a successful transition into SDSU, with nearly 5,000 freshmen and over 3,000 transfers planning to attend this year’s event. New Student Orientation helps students understand their academic roadmap, with the goal of graduating freshmen students in four years and transfer students in two years.

Students will learn about their General Education and graduation requirements and the course registration system with a focus on taking a full load of courses (15 units). They will also receive information on how to lead a healthy, well balanced life while at the university. Students will also become familiar with useful career resources at SDSU, like meeting with assistant deans and faculty advisors, learning about involvement opportunities and registering for classes.

Parent involvement

Running concurrently with student orientation is parent orientation, where parents meet campus representatives and learn about the many programs available to their students at SDSU. It provides an inside look for parents to see what life will be like for their students during the academic year. Student success data indicates that when parents are involved and connected to the campus, students tend to earn a higher grade point average and are more likely to continue on to their sophomore year.

"At SDSU, it's a family affair,” said Vice President for Student Affairs Eric Rivera. “Parents are valuable partners that contribute to student success. Orientation is a great opportunity for parents to connect with the campus while learning about the many resources that are available to our students. We have the common goal of empowering our students to make informed choices, achieve at the highest levels, and be engaged on campus."

Engaging in the Aztec Experience

In addition to helping students develop an academic plan, New Student Orientation also helps students focus on the quality of their experience by sharing opportunities for transformational experiences such as internships, study abroad, undergraduate research and leadership development programs down the road.

Check-in for pre-registered orientation participants begins promptly at 8 a.m. each day in the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union. For questions about New Student and Parent Orientation, please contact the Office of New Student and Parent Programs at 619-594-1509 or visit the New Student Orientation website.