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Monday, January 21, 2019

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SDSU Changes Registration Process

Starting in 2018, students will register for the fall semester in April, and for their spring 2019 classes in the fall of next year.
By Katie White

San Diego State University is changing the class registration process. Beginning with registration for the fall 2018 semester, continuing students will sign up for classes in April instead of during summer break. Newly admitted students will register during summer orientation.

The change will make it easier for students to meet with advisers and develop academic schedules due to the fact registration will happen during the semester while advisers and students are still on campus.

“Students will be able to register for their classes a lot earlier than ever before, allowing them to plan for other important things like work, internships, and extracurricular activities,” said Chris Thomas, Associated Students vice president of University Affairs. “In addition, the new registration timeline will give academic units more time to hire faculty and add sections for classes that are in high demand, which benefits students.”

Important changes

Because students register before final grades for the prior semester are posted, the WebPortal will allow enrollment in classes without checking for prerequisites. However, if a student does not meet the prerequisites of a course when final grades are posted, they will be dropped from the enrollment roster and will need to select new classes they are eligible for.

Therefore, it is recommended that students meet with their advisers and plan in the event they do not meet course eligibility for intended classes.

Students are responsible for ensuring they meet the basic requirements listed in the course catalog for all classes. These prerequisites include student level, major or pre-major status, class pre-requisites and English, math and writing assessments.

Paying for classes

Students will continue to pay for their classes ahead of registration. During the transition year, continuing students will be responsible to pay for their spring 2018 semester in January and their fall 2018 semester in April.

The changes make it more important than ever to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on time to qualify for fee postponement and ensure timely registration for next fall.

“Students need to file their 2018-19 FAFSA and submit all required documents by November 17,” said Rose Pasenelli, director of SDSU's Financial Aid and Scholarships office. “Students who do not qualify for financial aid will be able to apply for a payment installment plan through Student Account Services during the spring 2018 semester.”

Similar to the old registration system, students paying for their classes out of pocket will make an initial payment before registering for classes. Student Account Services will increase the number of installments for the Basic Tuition Installment Plan from two to four installments to allow students to spread out their payments. Students who are eligible for financial aid will be able to review their award amount on AidLink prior to their registration date.

Visit the New Registration Timeline website for more information.