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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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SDSU has 12 designated rideshare pick-up and drop-off locations on campus. SDSU has 12 designated rideshare pick-up and drop-off locations on campus.

SDSU Wins Lyftie Award

SDSU is among the most popular drop-off locations in San Diego County for the ridesharing service.
By Cory Marshall

San Diego State University has been named the most visited university in San Diego County by the rideshare company, Lyft. The designation is part of the Lyftie Awards program, a distinction given annually to the region’s top destinations.

The awards are given county-wide and are determined by calculating the number of drop-offs at a wide-range of popular destinations.

“This is the first year that the Lyftie Awards have recognized the ‘Most Visited University’ and we’re proud to recognize SDSU,” said Hao Meng, Lyft San Diego market manager.

SDSU’s sprawling scenic campus, which features historic Hepner Hall and a handful of arts-and-culture venues and sports arenas, attracts thousands of locals and out-of-town visitors each year.

The university is one of six spots selected in San Diego County. Balboa Park and Petco Park also made the award list.

“We understand there are many alternate modes of travel to and from campus and want to promote those alternatives, while maintaining our goal of a safe environment for the campus community,” said Debbie Richeson, director of SDSU Parking and Transportation Services. "We try to encourage our community to use alternate modes of transportation for daily campus usage and events such as concerts and basketball games at Viejas Arena and the Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theater.”

In October of this year, SDSU announced a partnership with Lyft for the 2017-18 football and basketball seasons. The partnership marks the first time rideshare vehicles have been permitted for pick-up and drop-off at SDCCU Stadium.

The university has 12 designated rideshare pick-up and drop-off locations on campus. The locations can be found on the campus interactive map and also are listed below:
  • Aztec Circle Drive at Rec. Field 103
  • 55th Street at P11
  • Remington Road at Tony Gwynn Stadium
  • University Towers
  • 5700 Hardy Avenue
  • Lindo Paseo at KPBS
  • 5245 Campanile Drive
  • Hardy Avenue at Campus Green
  • Lindo Paseo
  • East Campus Drive at Tenochca
  • College Avenue Information Booth
  • P17A at Villa Alvarado