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Monday, January 21, 2019

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Official Results of A.S. Election Announced

More than 4,000 SDSU students voted in this year’s Associated Students election.
By SDSU News Team

The official results of San Diego State University’s Associated Students (A.S.) election have been announced. The election decided the next A.S. president, executive vice president, vice president of external relations, vice president of financial affairs, vice president of university affairs and 33 other positions, including representatives for SDSU’s seven colleges and graduate students.

The results became official when they were certified by the A.S. Judicial Affairs Council on Monday, April 9, and the student leaders-elect will be sworn-in on Wednesday, April 25.

This year, 4,295 students voted in the general elections, which equals about 15 percent of the student body.

Here are the results:

A.S. Board of Directors

A.S. President
Chris Thomas

A.S. Executive Vice President
Nick Wohlman

A.S. Vice President of External Relations
Michael Wiafe

A.S. Vice President of Financial Affairs

Christian Onwuka

A.S. Vice President of University Affairs
Ronnie Cravens

A.S. Campus Life Council

Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union Board Representative
Emma Wenger

Campus Community Commission Representative
Ashley Tejada

Community Service Commission Representative
Connor Curley

Recreation and Wellness Commission Representative
Brianna Ruloma

Sustainability Commission Representative
Sabrina Sessarego

Student Diversity Commission Representative
Lane Yazzie

Student Support Commission Representative
Noah Winne

Student at Large Campus Representatives
Sam Emami
Luke Fishman

A.S. University Council

College of Arts and Letters Representatives
Chloe Bycoskie
Jada Johnson
Stephanie Estrada

Fowler College of Business Representatives
Allison Powell
Trent Wann
Justin Venckus
Jacob Mahony

College of Education Representatives
Julia Karczewski
Matthew Blutinger

College of Engineering Representatives
Sophie Chance
Winston Liew
Brandon Khamenian

College of Health and Human Services Representatives
Noah Siegal
Cedric Hoskins
Meegan Togatorop

College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts Representatives

Vicky Evans
Crystal Sanchez
Ezra Delbick

College of Sciences Representatives
Kemahni Booze
Saba Abri
Dalton Daggs
Meagan Harms

Undeclared/Unclassified Studies Representative
Jon Soden

Graduate Student Association President
Maricruz Carrillo

About Associated Students

A.S. is a student-directed, not-for-profit auxiliary organization of SDSU. The programs and facilities A.S. manages are available to students, faculty, staff and the SDSU community. A.S. aims to create, promote and fund social, recreational, cultural, and educational programs and facilities both on campus and in the community, advocate for student interests, provide leadership opportunities and participate in shared governance.