Wednesday, May 22, 2019

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A diverse range of interests among the class of 2019 includes the criminal justice system and human behavior.
SDSU announces the 10 most popular majors among the more than 10,300 students in the class of 2019.
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Research Horizons: The Quest to Cure Cancer
Chemistry professor Christal Sohl studies how rogue enzymes lead to tumors.
Research Horizons: SDSU Ecologist Works to Save Disappearing American Prairie
Nick Barber studies how the prairie can once again support biodiversity.
Research Horizons: Working to Reduce Food Insecurity
Nutrition professor Amanda McClain researches how to improve the health of the food-insecure.
Promising Compound Draws Grant for SDSU Heart Institute
A rare perfect score on an application for NIH funding extends work on a drug to boost the body’s natural defenses against a heart attack.

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