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Biologist Rulon Clark studies small mammals' strategies for avoiding snakebites—and explains why humans shouldn't worry so much about them.
Humans evolved with a healthy fear of snakes, but those fears today are overblown in light of the minimal danger they actually pose to us. Photo from Wikimedia Commons/Danleo.
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Q: Why Did the Bobcat Cross the Road?
An SDSU biologist is learning how to encourage safer animal-crossing along SR-67.
Weather History Time Machine
A program allows researchers to look back in time to see how precipitation across the globe contributed to major weather events.
Sequencing at Sea
Scientists at SDSU overcame equipment failure, space constraints and shark-infested waters to sequence DNA in the middle of the Pacific.
A Sign of Support
A scholarship from the Lipinsky Family Foundation supports student internships in SDSU’s Laboratory for Language and Cognitive Neuroscience.