Prgoram particpants pose outside scripps Cottage.

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  • Workshop participants
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Prgoram particpants pose outside scripps Cottage.
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The Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of Youth and Space (ISYS) and the Department of Geography recently hosted an international workshop entitled: "Mapping North American Youth Cultures: Local Settings for Global Lives."

Workshop participants

The workshop took place, Aug. 20-22, at Scripps Cottage in the SDSU campus and brought together 14 lead researchers from Canada, Mexico and the United States and eight geography graduate students from SDSU and beyond.

The  workshop, organized and hosted by ISYS' managing director Thomas Herman and professors Stuart Aitken and Fernando Bosco, was an opportunity to foster interaction and collaboration among Canadian, Mexican, and American researchers who are currently studying youth cultures and young people's geographies at various locations throughout North America.  

Participant research

Participants shared and discussed their past, current and future work through presentations. Participants also developed consensus around a set of themes that are important for the understanding of youth cultures.

These themes included issues of citizenship, dependencies, culpabilities and the overturning of established assumptions together with an overarching concern about ethics and methodology.

These crucial themes will guide future international and cross-disciplinary research among workshop participants, who are already working on a set of articles that will be the first tangible outcome of this international workshop.

For more information about the activities of ISYS, please visit the ISYS website.

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