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"This is your football team, as a taxpayer… You should have a say whether to keep tossing it a life preserver."

That is true, but the implication is erroneous.  In 1997, in response to the additional cost of the CalNOW gender equity agreement, I requested from our University Senate, and they approved, an additional $2 million to cover those (in my view proper) costs. In return, I agreed that, “no additional general fund allocation other than usual salary increases would be given to athletics.” We have honored that agreement.

"A $2.455 million profit. Fantasy."

The revenue generated from the conference and the NCAA is directly related to our football program, and marketing and fundraising monies have a direct correlation as well. If we assign to football its proportionate share of university allocated funds, and its reasonable share of generated revenues, such as conference revenues and corporate sponsorship revenues, football had $2.455 million funds in excess of expenditures in fiscal year 2005/06, and similar results for other years.

Ideas, even misstated, poorly researched ones, have consequences; so, I will say it once again, Div. I-A football will continue at San Diego State. Just as we do with the rest of our university, we will strive to make it better. I believe we have made a major step in that direction with the hiring of head coach Brady Hoke and what is already shaping up to be a first rate coaching staff. While Mr. Zeigler’s opinions will be shared with prospective recruits across the southwest, we will not subscribe to his negativism. There are many who, like Mr. Zeigler, want our city, our university and our football program to settle for second best. My colleagues and I are not interested in that path.

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