Christina Brown

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Christina Brown
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Christina Brown's old job is a lot like her new job as associate executive director of Associated Students: overseeing multi-million dollar budgets in a multi-faceted organization, working closely with a board of directors, strategic planning and serving as a responsible financial steward.

But there are some striking differences as well, especially since Brown's last position was with Sony Pictures Entertainment:  traveling around the world and overseeing international television and film.

However, Brown, who replaces the soon-to-retire Susan Heiser, doesn't necessarily miss her old position.

"Working on the business side of the entertainment industry, it is exciting; it's interesting," Brown said. "But it's not all 'glitz and glamour.'"

Becoming an Aztec

So, what drew Brown to San Diego and SDSU?

"My family moved here because of a job opportunity for my husband – he's working for Scripps Health," Brown said. "He builds hospitals for a living. He got a great opportunity to move down here…We thought it would be a perfect time to make a shift and start anew."

After doing some research on various industries in San Diego, Brown focused on what would be a fun, new career to start. Recalling her own college days at both University of California Los Angeles and Cal State Long Beach, she started exploring higher education.

"I really like the energy on a campus; I love the academic environment," Brown said. "I've always been someone who appreciates academics and have always considered myself an academic. I was excited to start in the higher education realm… and there's just so much really high quality academia in San Diego."

Drawn to diversity

Considering her international business background, Brown found that SDSU's diversity and international programs made it stand out from the other colleges and universities in the region.

"The diversity of the programs and the students — from an international perspective and from a local perspective — that's something I always look for," Brown said.

Brown also noted the diversity of programs and leadership opportunities for students offered by Associated Students.

"I'm hoping to be able to be a part of influencing (those programs and opportunities) and helping (the students) with those areas."

More about Brown

Brown is "really excited to get back into a career," especially after having taken a short break to settle her family in San Diego. Brown has a 5 year old daughter and two sons, ages 9 and 7.

In her spare time, Brown enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering for her children's school, Torrey Pines Elementary, and the La Jolla YMCA.
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