The plastic bag monster and e3 members promote Earth Day.

Event Details

  • Wednesday, April 22
  • Campanile Walkway
  • Free
The plastic bag monster and e3 members promote Earth Day.
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There's a new guy on campus — the plastic bag monster.

Sporting hundreds of plastic bags, the "monster" highlights the wastefulness of plastic bags and Earth Day events hosted by the Enviro-Business Society, a student organization.

Honoring Earth Day on campus

On Wednesday, April 22, several events will be held in honor of Earth Day, including:

  • An on-campus farmer's market
  • An environmentally friendly business fair
  • Earth Battle, a battle of the bands competition performed on a solar-energy stage
  • Earth Dance, a battle of the DJs competition
  • Picnic in the park, with free pizza and an opportunity to view "Flow," a documentary about water conservation
  • A shock art exhibit featuring art by SDSU students and displayed in the SDSU Trolley Station
MTS will also offer free rides on public transportation to faculty, students and staff with valid Red IDs traveling to and from campus on April 22.

Using the 'shock factor'

During last year's Earth Day festivities, e3 presented a colossal "globe of waste" measuring six feet across. It was constructed with posters collected from bulletin boards across campus in two days.

Similarly, this year will have a "shock factor" component displayed in the middle of Campanile Walkway on the subject of plastic water bottles.

"We are really trying to make people open their eyes to the fact that changing little actions in their everyday lives, like buying a reusable water bottle, can really make an impact," said Rae Gurne, e3 president.

About e3

The Enviro-Business Society promotes modern business practices that maximize both profit and a sustainable future. At the core of this revolutionary new business model there are three pillars which must always be upheld: ecology, ethics and economics.

The Enviro-Business Society offers students of all majors an innovative and beneficial way to make an impact on campus, in the community and in the business world. For more information, visit the website.

SDSUniverse green issue

This article is part of the SDSUniverse "green" special issue.


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